Old Testament: Yes or No?


Do you eat shellfish? Do you eat cheeseburgers? My answer is “Yes,” and  “Yes, but not very often.”

One of the most popular straw man arguments aimed at those who continue to respect the Bible, arrives in the form of a question, “Well, do you still obey all of the dietary laws of the Old Testament?” The point being that you are applying Scripture unevenly.

First, in Acts 11, in order for Peter to understand that salvation through Christ was equally available to Gentiles who had formerly been unclean, God told Peter (in a vision) to kill and eat animals that had been forbidden in the Old Testament. God explicitly stated his approval of eating all meats. On the other hand, there are many Old Testament commands that both Jesus and Paul explicitly state are still in place. You are not saved by merely keeping the commands, but God’s expectation for His people is that they obey the commands as part of their love for Him.

Secondly, and just as important, the Old Testament Law did not give as much weight to dietary restrictions versus laws regarding idolatry, crime or sexual practices. Similarly, there was a great difference between something needing to be washed with water and something needing to be sprinkled with the blood of a sacrifice.

No, I do not follow Old Testament dietary laws. Yes, the Old Testament is still relevant and applicable.

Oversimplification often leads to wrong conclusions.

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