Denying Christ


66 And as Peter was below in the courtyard, one of the servant girls of the high priest came, 67 and seeing Peter warming himself, she looked at him and said, “You also were with the Nazarene, Jesus.” 68 But he denied it, saying, “I neither know nor understand what you mean.” And he went out into the gateway and the rooster crowed. 69 And the servant girl saw him and began again to say to the bystanders, “This man is one of them.”70 But again he denied it. And after a little while the bystanders again said to Peter, “Certainly you are one of them, for you are a Galilean.” 71 But he began to invoke a curse on himself and to swear, “I do not know this man of whom you speak.” 72 And immediately the rooster crowed a second time. And Peter remembered how Jesus had said to him, “Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.” And he broke down and wept.

Mark 14:66-72

If someone was trying to prove that you had a relationship with Jesus, would there be enough evidence to convict you? The servant girl recognized Peter as someone who had been with Jesus. Would you be recognized as someone who had spent time with Jesus? Again, the servant girl accused Peter of being “one of them.” Are you readily identifiable as “one of them”? Then the crowd recognized that Peter was one of the common men that had been traveling with Jesus. This time, Peter even used bad language and vehemently denied that he knew Jesus.

Suddenly it dawned on Peter that he had fulfilled the words Jesus spoke about him. Underneath the guilt and remorse of his betrayal, Peter broke down and cried.

Peter learned the painful lesson that no consequences imposed on him by the crowd were as painful as the guilt of abandoning Jesus. Later, Peter found forgiveness and redemption. This fisherman went on to be a great witness for Christ. Never again would Peter deny Christ; even when it cost him his life.

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